Suspect injures four Santa Barbara police officers


Four Santa Barbara police officers suffered minor to moderate injuries while arresting a 21-year-old suspect for allegedly assaulting a 64 year-old man while making homophobic slurs.

Responding to a call, officers arrived at the 500 block of Bath Street where they spotted the suspect battering the older man. Officers ordered the suspect, Carlos Unda Bahena, to stop.

Unda Bahena fled into an apartment with officers behind him. The suspect punched an officer, and tussled with others. An officers then fired a non-lethal foam projectile and a police dog was deployed, but Unda Bahena continued to refuse to comply.

Officers eventually subdued Unda Bahena after a second short chase. The suspect also suffered minor injuries during his arrest.

Officers arrested Unda Bahena and booked him into the Santa Barbara County Jail on charges of violence against an officer, battery causing injury to an officer, resisting arrest, battery and a hate crime.

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