Tompkins proposes SLO outdoor dining venue in shipping containers


Paul Tompkins of NKT Commercial has submitted plans to build an outdoor dining venue in downtown San Luis Obispo where food vendors will operate out of repurposed shipping containers.

The plans require approval of an onsite parking reduction from 40 required spaces to 16 spaces. The SLO Planning Commission will need to approve the requested parking reduction based on issues such as bike parking, employee carpooling and public transportation.

The project includes the development of an approximately 21,600-square-foot lot at the corner of Higuera and Toro streets.

Before work can start, Tompkins plans to demolish the existing two-story structure
on the site and repurpose the existing 4,208 square foot single-story structure toward the rear of the lot into a new restaurant suite.

Next, Tompkins wants to add 12 shipping containers consisting of a total of 2,720 square feet to provide for seven tenant suites, three storage rooms, one long term bike storage locker and one for restrooms.

The project will require multiple approvals before Tompkins can start construction.

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One Comment about “Tompkins proposes SLO outdoor dining venue in shipping containers”

  1. Thorbowski says:

    Repurposed Shipping containers! Lol ! Keeping SLO classy Ill tell you whut! Why not a meth lab too in the complex. I hope with all of my being that his doesnt happen. Lame idea especially on a one way street. SMH.

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