SLO County sexual assault victim speaks out


Law enforcement is investigating allegations of sexual misconduct against Julian Contreras, an owner of Kin Coffee Bar in San Luis Obispo, and Nate Abate, the owner of Nate’s Barber and Hair Design in Atascadero, after over 30 women came forward with allegations on social media.

The victim in a 2009 arrest for statutory rape told CalCoastNews her story of alleged sexual molestation by Contreras and Abate. CalCoastNews is referring to the victim as BB to protect her privacy.

At 13 years old, while still in middle school, BB first met the two high school graduates at a party at Contreras’ parent’s home in Santa Margarita. She then began hanging out with them.

After plying her with alcohol and marijuana, Contreras and Abate would have sex with the teen, she said. At that time, the sex was consensual, BB said.

While in Contreras’ home in Santa Margarita in 2009, the teen said Abate sexually assaulted her, while Contreras was in the same room.

When she arrived home, BB’s mother encouraged her to go to the hospital for a rape test. DNA was found and law enforcement mounted an investigation.

At the time, BB refused to talk with prosecutors or testify.

In 2012, prosecutors dropped the charges of statutory rape and digital penetration in exchange for a plea deal. Abate pled to false imprisonment, according to court records.

While BB is aware that Abate agreed to a plea deal, she is hoping the SLO County District Attorney’s Office will file charges against Contreras and help prevent this from happening to others.

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