Paso Robles arrest three for catalytic converter thefts


Paso Robles police arrested three Fresno men in connection with multiple catalytic converter thefts on Friday.

Shortly before 4 a.m., a Paso Roles police officer pulled a car over for a code violation. The officer noticed then five catalytic converters in the back seat.

Officers determined one of the catalytic converters, which had a license plate number engraved on it, had been stolen from a car in San Luis Obispo on Thursday night.

Police arrested the three occupants of the car, Nhia Xiong, 39, Lee Sikhane Khammany, 40, and San Louang Saechao, 31, for possession of stolen property and booked them in the San Luis Obispo County Main Jail. Xiong is no longer in custody.

Khammany is also facing charges of driving under the influence of drugs and for driving with a suspended license. His bail is set a $35,000.

In addition to six stolen property charges, Saechao is charged with possession of drugs and paraphernalia. His bail is set at $40.000.