Help Kristin Smart’s family attend Paul Flores’ murder trial

Kristin Smart


May 26th marks the 26th anniversary of the disappearance of Cal Poly student Kristin Smart. This painful odyssey has unfolded in Stockton, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, Arroyo Grande and San Pedro.

And now, starting in early June, the focus shifts to Salinas.

Paul and Ruben Flores will stand trial in the disappearance and death of Kristin. The trial is expected to begin in early June and run at least through September. That means that Kristin’s family and support team will have to come over from Stockton and other parts of California to attend the trial.

None of us can imagine the journey the Smarts have been on. But we need to send the message that they are not going to Salinas alone.

We will be there with them.

We will be there with them, as we have been since the news of the Flores arrest first broke. We supported them during the preliminary hearing. We also jumped in and supported Chris Lambert when that feckless attorney tried to shut Chris down.

I come back to you, on behalf of the Smart family, and ask for your support once again. Can you help? We need to finance long term housing for the family and supporters in the Salinas-Monterey area. We need to help pay for food, gas, and expenses. They are being challenged on so many fronts because of this trial–let’s help them not worry about expenses.

My radio colleague Adam Montiel of The Krush 92.5 and I ask you to please join us for what we’re calling “The 26/26 Campaign for the Kristin Smart Family.” Donate any amount of money you can. Every. Single. Penny. goes directly to the Smarts.

In return, I promise regular updates as to how the Smarts are doing and how your donations are helping.

Adam and I thank you in advance for your support. We’re asking for $20,000, but wouldn’t it be sweet if we hit $26,000?

Dave Congalton is a radio host on KVEC.