Who are the SLO County candidates on the June ballot?



While 12 San Luis Obispo County seats are on the June 7 primary ballot, most are unchallenged or have only two candidates, meaning those races will be determined in the primary. With more than two candidates in a race, if no one garners at least 51% of the vote, the top two candidates move on to the November election.

Below are the SLO County candidates in the June 7 election:

SLO County Supervisor, District 2

Bruce Gibson, county supervisor

Geoff Auslen, small business owner

John Whitworth, small business owner

Bruce Jones, community volunteer

With four people on the ballot, it is likely the top two candidates will move on to the November election.

SLO County Supervisor, District 3

Arnold Ruiz, retired

Stacy Korsgaden, small business owner

Dawn Ortiz-Legg, appointed SLO County supervisor

With three people on the ballot, and Ruiz a relative newcomer, this race could be determined in June or November.

SLO County Supervisor, District 4

Jimmy Paulding, businessman and council member

Lynn Compton, county supervisor

The winner of the District 4 supervisor seat will be determined during the primary election.

SLO County Clerk Recorder

Elaina Cano, county clerk recorder, appointed

James Baugh, military consultant

Stewart Jenkins, election law lawyer

With three candidates running strong campaigns, it is likely the clerk recorder seat will be determined in November.

Superior Court Judge Office 12

Paul Phillips, attorney/rancher

Mike Frye, deputy district attorney

With two candidates, the next judge in Office 12 will be determined in the primary election.

Below is a list of uncontested races:

SLO County Assessor Tom Bordonaro

SLO County Auditor Controller James Hamilton

SLO County Sheriff Coroner Ian Parkinson

SLO County District Attorney Dan Dow

SLO County Superintendent of Schools Jame Brescia

Superior Court Judge Gayle Peron, Office 1

Superior Court Judge Office 10, Erin Childs