Apartment renters in SLO have little space, research finds


San Luis Obispo fairs among the worst cities in the country in the amount of personal space renters have in apartments. [Tribune]

In San Luis Obispo, there are on average 2.47 renters per apartment and 1.09 rooms per renter. In terms of personal space, San Luis Obispo has an average of 320 square feet per apartment renter, according to RentCafe.com.

RentCafe.com ranked cities nationwide by most and least apartment space per renter. San Luis Obispo’s population size was below the threshold for the rankings, so it did not appear on the list.

However, at 320 square feet per renter, SLO would be tied with Fremont and Santa Ana for the third least amount of space per renter among cities nationwide. Fontana has the least amount of apartment space per renter in the country at 295 square feet, followed by Salinas at 299 square feet. 

Each of the 10 cities with the least personal space per renter are in California. Among states, California is the one where apartment renters have the least personal space.