Swarm of sharks filmed at Pirate’s Cove near July 4 beachgoers

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A video posted on social media shows a swarm of sharks swimming in shallow water at Pirate’s Cove on July 4, close to numerous beachgoers who appear unaware of what was in the ocean beside them.

Some individuals could be seen standing in the ocean at the time of the recording. The video, which dubs the incident a “shark party,” was posted on Instagram by Tim Faes. 

KSBY reports Faes likely filmed female Leopard sharks. Leopard sharks are commonly found in water off the coast of Southern California, as well as the Central Coast.

Benjamin Ruttenberg, director of Cal Poly’s Center for Coastal Marine Sciences, said leopard sharks are small sharks that are basically harmless to humans. Leopard sharks come into shallow coves and estuaries to feed on creatures like crabs, squid and clams, Ruttenberg said.

Christopher Lowe, director’s of the the CSU Long Beach shark lab, said larger females, particularly pregnant ones, seek out warm water in shallow areas during the day. It is believed females use warm areas to speed up their pregnancy, Lowe said.