District 4 recount completed, results same as initial tally


The San Luis Obispo County Clerk-Recorder’s Office has completed a recount of the ballots in the District 4 supervisorial race, resulting in the exact same vote totals as the initial tally. 

Supervisor Lynn Compton

Arroyo Grande Councilman Jimmy Paulding unseated incumbent Supervisor Lynn Compton in District 4. Paulding received 10,769 votes, or 51.53 percent, and Compton garnered 10,130 votes, or 48.47 percent, according to both the initial tally and the recount. 

Elections officials used machines to count the votes in the initial tally. Clerk-recorder’s office personnel counted the votes by hand during the recount, and observers monitored them as they did so.

Paso Robles resident Darcia Stebbens requested the recount. Stebbens stated in a letter to the county that she requested the recount on behalf of Compton, but not necessarily at the request of the incumbent supervisor.

Stebbens has already paid the county thousands of dollars to fund the recount. The clerk-recorder’s office has yet to determine whether Stebbens owes more money.

Local conservatives reportedly donated to help fund the recount.