Paso Robles man killed while racing jet in Reno


A Paso Robles man was killed when the jet he was racing in the Reno Air Races on Sunday crashed.

During the third lap, 61-year-old Aaron Hogue went high around the Guy Pylon, according to a video of the event. It then appeared he was having trouble with his jet, “Ballista,” before it crashed into the ground and burst into flames.

The Reno Air Racing Association then suspended the event.

“During the jet gold race on the third lap there was a fatal incident at outer pylon 5 today,” the association said. “All other pilots landed safely and race operations for 2022 have been suspended. We express our deepest sympathies to the pilot’s family and friends as well as racers and race fans who make up our September family.”

Hogue is a co-owner and the president of Hogue Inc., a gun repair service.

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