SLO County gas prices increasing, find the lowest prices


While gas prices continue to fall in most of the country, prices in California are still inching back up. During the past week, the average price of gas in San Luis Obispo County increase one cent to $5.71 a gallon, according to figures from AAA.

The average price of gas in California rose four cents during the past week to $5.44 a gallon. Most of the country is now using less expensive winter blend gasoline, while only California has yet to make the switch, which happens on Nov. 1.

The national average price for a gallon of gas dropped four cents to $3.67, the lowest drop in months.

“All streaks have to end at some point, and the national average for a gallon of gas has fallen $1.34 since its peak in mid-June,” said Andrew Gross, AAA spokesperson. “But there are big factors tugging on global oil prices—war, COVID, economic recession, and hurricane season. All this uncertainty could push oil prices higher, likely resulting in slightly higher pump prices.”

SLO County currently has the ninth highest price for gas in the state. Listing the highest average price, Mono County’s price for a gallon of regular gasoline this week is $6.47.

Where in SLO County do you find the cheapest gas prices? Using data from GasBuddy, we’ve compiled a list of gas stations with cheaper prices.

Top 10 lowest priced gas stations in SLO County:

  1. VP Racing Fuels – Paso Robles, Spring Street: $5.19
  2. 7-Eleven – Paso Robles, Spring Street: $5.19
  3. 7-Eleven –Atascadero, El Camino Real: $5.25
  4. Sinclair – Morro Bay, Morro Bay Boulevard: $5.27
  5. Speedway Express – Paso Robles, 24th Street: $5.29
  6. Valero – Paso Robles, Spring Street: $5.29
  7. San Paso Truck Stop – Paso Robles, Wellsona Road: $5.29
  8. Shell – Arroyo Grande, Grand Avenue: $5.33
  9. Costco – San Luis Obispo, Froom Ranch Way: $5.34
  10. Flyers – Grover Beach, Grand Avenue: $5.34