Three residential burglaries, four arrested in Santa Barbara


Santa Barbara Police officers arrested four people who were involved in three unrelated residential burglaries in three days. [KCOY]

Early Saturday morning, robbers conducted two separate home invasions. First, a 29-year-old Summerland man entered a home on Shoreline Drive. The homeowner discovered the burglar by way of a video surveillance system, and Santa Barbara police were alerted of a burglary in process.

Officers arrived at the scene and found the burglar in the upstairs bedroom. Police used a K-9 to assist with apprehending the suspect.

An hour later, a family called 911 about a stranger in their home on Clinton Terrace. Officers arrived at the home and arrested a 32-year-old homeless man for the burglary.

Then on Monday morning, Santa Barbara officers caught a pair of suspects as they were exiting a home on Conejo Road. Officers arrested the 29-year-old and 26-year-old suspects for the home invasion.

Officers booked the suspects from each of the three burglaries in the Santa Barbara County Jail. The three burglaries are not connected, police say.

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