Election night results in SLO County 2022


An unusually contentious election cycle, both nationally and in San Luis Obispo County, is drawing to a close.Who will have a reason to celebrate tonight and who will be drinking away their sorrows?

CalCoastNews will have live updates on the results of local races, starting shortly after the polls close at 8 p.m.

Midnight Update

With 44.83% of precincts reporting in the District 2 County Supervisor race:

Bruce Gibson – 54.80%

Bruce Jones – 45.20%

Pismo Beach City Council race:

Mary Ann Reiss – 27.78%

Stacy Inman – 24.38%

Kevin Kreowski – 20.68%

Erik Howell – 18.92%

Debora Ann Lossing – 8.17%

UPDATE – 10:15 p.m.

There are new vote tallies for the city of San Luis Obispo. The SLO County Clerk Recorder’s Office has yet to release updated results for the other cities or the District 2 supervisor race.

San Luis Obispo Mayor

Erica Stewart – 70.37%

Richard Orcutt – 14.99%

Jeffery Specht – 12.78%

Donald Hedrick – 1.76%

San Luis Obispo City Council

Michelle Shoresman – 35.94%

Emily Francis – 31.83%

Joe Benson – 19.19%

James Papp – 12.94%

8:10 p.m. – The first results are in:

District 2 County Supervisor
9,971 vote by mail votes counted
Bruce Gibson – 58.44
Bruce Jones – 41.56%

Early results tend to favor Democrats due to voting by mail.

In the Pismo Beach council race, Kevin Kreowski, whose ballot statement was left out, is currently in third place. Kreowski could contest the election results. Stacy Inman, who was given two ballot statements, is in second place.

Pismo Beach City Council (top 2 win)
Mary Ann Reiss – 28.04%
Stacy Inman – 24.82%
Kevin Kreowski – 19.87%
Erik Howell – 19.19%

In Morro Bay, challenger Carla Wixom is leading incumbent Mayor John Headding.

Morro Bay Mayor
Carla Wixom – 57.07%
John Headding – 42.93%
There is a tight council race in Morro Bay.

Morro Bay City Council

Robin “Zara” Landrum – 24.23%

Cyndee Edwards – 22.80%

Sarah Smith Robinson – 20.92%

Casey G. Cordes – 18.09%

David “Dave” Duringer – 13.95%

Grover Beach Mayor

Karen Bright – 59.86%

Stacy Korsgaden – 40.14%

Grover Beach City Council District 2

Daniel Rushing – 62.15%

Ron Arnoldsen – 37.85%

Incumbent mayors Caryn Ray Russom and Steve Martin have large leads in Arroyo Grande and Paso Robles respectively. Appointed incumbent Mayor Erica Stewart has a very large lead in San Luis Obispo.

Arroyo Grande Mayor

Caryn Ray Russom – 68.05%

Gaea Powell – 21.53%

Dale Hanson – 10.42%

Paso Robles Mayor

Steve Martin – 62.36%

Michael Rivera – 37.64%

San Luis Obispo Mayor

Erica Stewart – 72.22%

Richard Orcutt – 14.21%

Jeffery Specht – 12.02%

Donald Hedrick – 1.55%

San Luis Obispo City Council

Michelle Shoresman – 36.71%

Emily Francis – 32.15%

Joe Benson – 18.93%

James Papp – 12.21%

Atascadero City Council

Susan Funk – 45.94%

Heather Newsom – 41.79%

Bret Heinemann – 12.28%

9:15 p.m.

Morro Bay Councilwoman Dawn Addis appears to be headed to Sacramento. With 2.8% of precincts reporting, Addis, a Democrat, has a large lead over Republican challenger Vicki Nohrden in a new Democratic-dominated district.

State Assembly District 30

Dawn Addis – 63.5%

Vicki Nohrden Р36.5%

9:25 p.m.

California Ballot Measures

With 34.1% of statewide precincts reporting:

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