Police patrol Grover Beach homeless camps, four arrests


Officers from several law enforcement agencies conducted a foot patrol of an area of homeless encampments in Grover Beach Thursday morning, resulting in four arrests.

In response to recent reports of criminal activity, Grover Beach police, Pismo Beach police, state parks officers and SLO County probation officers conducted a foot patrol of homeless encampments along El Camino Real. Officers contacted 35 individuals, four of whom were arrested for outstanding warrants and other crimes, according to the Grover Beach Police Department.

Authorities also contacted four individuals who were on probation or parole and offered supportive services to 30 people. Grover Beach officers have a great rapport with the city’s homeless population, police said.

“We continue to work with our community partners to provide alternatives to homelessness through services and housing,” the police department said in a social media post. “We are sensitive to their current situation, however, criminal activity will not be tolerated within the city of Grover Beach.”

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