California air board proposes banning diesel truck fleets


The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has announced a plan to eventually force all diesel truck fleets off the roads in the Golden State. [SF Gate]

CARB is proposing a package of regulations called Advance Clean Fleets, which would mandate that all new trucks operating around busy railways and ports be zero-emission vehicles by 2024. The regulations would phase out all diesel trucks from those areas by 2035 and kick all diesel truck and bus fleets off California roads, where feasible, by 2045.

The busiest trucking areas in the state, which would be targeted first, include locations around warehouses, sea ports and railways. CARB says communities in those areas are disproportionately affected by pollution.

“Many California neighborhoods, especially Black and Brown, low-income and vulnerable communities, live, work, play and attend schools adjacent to the ports, rail yards, distribution centers and freight corridors experience the heaviest truck traffic,” the air board wrote.

Representatives of the trucking and construction industries say California does not have enough charging capability or grid capacity to transform fleets to zero-emission vehicles so quickly.