Man crashed into SLO couple found dead in creek bed


San Luis Obispo police investigators believe a 24-year-old resident was speeding when he crashed into a couple as they walked their dog on the 3400 block of Sacramento Drive, police announced on Monday.

More than a day later, officers discovered the bodies of Matthew Chachere, 39, and Jennifer Besser, 36, under heavy brush in a nearby creek bed. Investigators have not yet determined if charges will be filed.

On the evening of Nov. 21, officers responded to a report that a car struck a curb, a street sign and the abutment of a bridge. Officers, who did not suspect the driver of alcohol impairment, had the car towed and wrote out a traffic collision report.

A day later, on the evening of Nov. 22, a caller reported a dead dog in a creek bed off the 3400 block of Sacramento Drive. The dog was transported to animal control.

Five hours later, relatives of Chachere and Besser reported the pair had not arrived at their expected destination in Modesto. Relatives provided police with photos of the of the couple as well as a picture of their dog.

After viewing the photo of the missing dog, a police dispatcher was able to make the connection between the earlier report of the deceased dog with the dog owned by the missing residents.

Police returned to the heavily wooded creek bed and conducted another search. Officers then discovered the deceased bodies of Chachere and Besser, which were lying under heavy brush.

Officers are asking anyone who has information about the crash to contact Detective Jeff Koznek at (805) 594-800.

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  1. jrunfast says:

    This is very sad event. But raises many questions. How did driver not know he hit two people, and a dog, and not report it when officers arrived?

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