Oceano residents under evacuation warning


San Luis Obispo County has issued an evacuation warning for Oceano residents in the areas around the Arroyo Grande Creek Levee and Oceano Lagoon.

The evacuation warning includes Oceano residents living:

North of the Arroyo Grande Creek Levee
South of Wilshire Avenue, Highway 1, and Pier Avenue
East of Strand Way
North of Highway 1, west of 21st Street, south of Ocean Street

These residents need to be prepared for possible flooding and evacuation. If evacuations become necessary, emergency officials will notify residents through wireless alerts, reverse telephone notifications and social media.

Residents living south of the levee remain under an evacuation order. Anyone staying or returning to this area is doing so at their own risk.

Detailed maps of the area under evacuation warning are available on ReadySLO.org.