Crews find possessions but slow down search for Kyle Doan


Search crews have located items belonging to 5-year-old Kyle Doan, including a lunchbox and DVDs, but they have yet to find the missing boy, and they are now slowing the pace of the effort to locate him.

The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office, along with teams from throughout the state, searched over the weekend for Kyle Doan. Search groups  focused on the Salinas River area.

Following a weekend push to find the 5-year-old, officials paused the search on Monday. Moving forward, searches will take place on a limited basis, with day-to-day decisions on when they will occur, Cipolla said. [KSBY]

On the morning of Jan. 9, Lindsy Doan attempted to drive through the San Marcos Creek bed outside of San Miguel with her son, Kyle Doan, inside her SUV.

The night before Lindsy Doan easily passed through water covering two dips on San Marcos Road. So she took the same route the next morning, the first day back to school after winter break, Lindsy Doan said in an interview with the Bay Area News Group.

But on Jan. 9, the storm waters crossing the rural roadway lifted her SUV and carried it into the swollen stream. Water began to fill the vehicle, and Lindsy Doan yelled at her son to come up to the front of the SUV. Lindsy Doan tried to grab her son’s hand, but the current pulled him away.

Kyle Doan floated away backward. His mother could see his face, and he looked at her.

Initially, Lindsy Doan hung onto a tree upon sliding into the water. She then let go and rode the current for more than a quarter mile trying to catch her son.

The mother managed to get as close as 10 feet away from her son. Logs and debris pounded and jostled Lindsy Doan in the raging creek and repeatedly pulled her under water.

Ultimately, bystanders pulled Lindsy Doan out of muddy waters, but they did not manage to reach her son.

Among other items, search crews found Kyle Doan’s muddy lunchbox with an applesauce pouch and fruit dummies. They found DVDs scattered, including “Aladdin,” “Charlotte’s Web” and “Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel.” Kyle Doan would watch the films in the backseat of his family’s Chevy Traverse.

Crews recovered Lindsy Doan’s laptop and the pink pencil case she used as a special ed teacher at Lillian Larsen Elementary School. Kyle Doan was a kindergarten student at the school.

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